Starting A Business

At the Law Firm of Conte | Trevett, P.L., our attorneys are business owners and former CEO’s who assist clients with every aspect of forming a new business in Florida. We guide individuals through the process and advise them on all the vital steps, including:

  • Deciding whether to form a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC) or something in between;
  • Incorporating with the State of Florida;
  • Applying for tax ID number;
  • Drafting partnership or operating agreements;
  • Handling other business start-up issues.

Orlando Lawyer For Partnership Agreements And Operating Agreements

These types of contracts are extremely important for small business owners. While partnership agreements apply to corporations and operating agreements apply to LLCs, they essentially play the same role: They state the rules of how the owners of the company will work together.

Business owners often overlook the necessity of having such an agreement because it is not required by the State of Florida. In many cases, they will partner up, incorporate correctly and begin developing the business, yet fail to put an actual partnership agreement into place. Not having such an agreement can become a significant issue when the business starts making money and partners are concerned about how to share profits.

Our Lake Nona business start-up lawyers take great care in these matters. Sitting down with new business owners, and taking the time to explain the importance of having properly drafted incorporation agreements and operating agreements. Your attorney will then customize documents that memorialize a wide range of ownership issues, including ownership interests, voting rights, succession options and general management concerns.

It is important for every potential business owner to know exactly what kind of legal entity he or she wants to establish. A wide variety of legal ramifications and tax consequences depend heavily on how the business is initially set up. The differences between a corporation and a limited liability company (LLC), for instance, can be significant.

At the Law Firm of Conte | Trevett, P.L., our Orlando business entities attorneys work closely with our clients’ certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax advisers to make sure we are creating the appropriate legal entity for each particular client. We take our clients’ unique business goals into account while remaining respectful of their budget constraints and other issues.

Forming An LLC In St. Cloud Or A Corporation In Lake Nona? We Can Help.

We assist clients with choosing and forming all types of business entities, including:

  • Corporations: We assist with checking the availability of a business name, creating bylaws, filing articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State’s Corporations Division and more.
  • LLCs: We help small to mid-size businesses create more LLCs than any other type of corporate entity. LLCs tend to be less complex, and the annual maintenance of these companies from a legal point of view is relatively limited. We assist with preparing and filing articles of organization with the secretary of state, negotiating operating agreements and more.
  • Sole proprietorships: We advise clients on registering fictitious business names, obtaining local licenses, applying for IRS employment identification numbers and more.

Our experienced attorneys assist with business formations and other business law issues, including business contracts and health law. We handle every aspect of business organization for new businesses and help to reorganize companies that are expanding, contracting or changing partners or owners.

It is important to begin with an in-depth analysis of a client’s needs. In order to make legal recommendations, we consider all factors involved with a business, including:

  • Liability and personal liability;
  • Number of owners;
  • Private equity requirements;
  • Tax advantages.

Our attorney use their skill in business law and working with corporate books to identify the best legal option for each client. The available options for business formation can include:

  • Joint venture;
  • Limited liability company (LLC);
  • Limited partnership;
  • Standard C-corporation;
  • S-corporation.

Additionally, we create and negotiate agreements for corporate shareholders, creditors, owners, partners and stock option holders. All business agreements are structured to provide clear succession in case of dissolution and to protect our clients in the event of the death or disability of a partner, member or shareholder. Our skilled team of attorneys do everything possible to get a business started in the right direction or to help an existing business turn in the right direction. At Conte | Trevett, P.L., we care about the future of our clients and are dedicated to effectively resolving every business formation issue:

Contact an Orlando Articles of Incorporation Lawyer

To discuss an LLC partnership agreement or other business formation issue with a qualified lawyer, contact us. Please call 407-802-1060 or send an e-mail. Our law firm is conveniently located in the Citadel I Building near the Orlando International Airport, the new “Medical City,” Lake Nona, Lee Vista, and all of South Orlando.

Buying or Selling A Business

Lawyers For Buying Or Selling A Business In Lake Nona

The issues involved in buying or selling a Florida business depend greatly on how the business is owned. It can be a fairly simple transaction, or it can be very complex. In either case, it is wise to consult an experienced business transactions lawyer who can advise you on the specific legal steps to take to protect your interests.

At the Law Firm of Conte | Trevett, P.L., our Lake Nona business law attorneys are available to advise and represent current business owners as well as those intending to become owners. We also represent those interested in starting or purchasing a franchise.

Are You Considering Buying A Florida Business?

The purchasing side of a transaction is usually quite straightforward. Nevertheless, it is still critical to have a lawyer review the purchaser’s documents so that he or she actually receives what he or she expects. Our law firm can help you with every issue that arises, including:

  • Defining your acquisition criteria;
  • Reviewing operating information and obtaining financial summaries of prospective companies;
  • Making an offer on the business or negotiating a price;
  • Conducting a due diligence investigation

Selling A Business? Hire an experienced attorney.

When you sell a business, there are a variety of issues to take into account:
  • Is it an asset sale or a stock or membership sale?
  • Are you assigning existing business contracts?
  • Are there employment agreements that must be assigned to the new owner?
  • Are there equipment leases that must be assigned over?
  • Are there back taxes due?
  • What are the debts and liabilities of the company?
  • Will you assume any of these debts to satisfy them?

Most often, the company’s partnership or operating agreement will spell out the details of how the owner is allowed to sell the business. Our law firm can review such agreements and advise you on the best way to proceed with the sale.