Wills & Trusts


A will can help protect your estate and family during any time of life. At the Law Firm of Conte | Trevett, P.L., we provide representation for clients faced with will issues in Orlando and Lake Nona, Florida. Our experienced attorneys understand all aspects of estate planning, including wills.

It can be difficult for our clients to consider making arrangements for wills, but proactive planning can prevent many problems in the future. If a family includes children or is blended from more than one marriage, a will is especially important to designate beneficiaries.

Lake Nona Wills Lawyers

New residents with wills drafted in other states might find their documents to be invalid in Florida. The legal requirements vary from state to state and Florida requires a notary. Drafting a will in accordance with the laws of Florida can ensure that property is handled in accordance with your wishes in the event of death.

For wills that have already been drafted, it is important to make amendments to reflect major life changes such as divorce. We recommend that our clients have a periodic review of an existing will every 10 years.

Flat Rate Wills

We believe that everyone should have a will to plan for the future. We offer quality legal services that consider the tight budgets our clients face today. Cost-effective options we offer include mirror image wills for husband and wife, as well as flat rate packages with discounts for couples.

If you would like to discuss an issue about a will, please call 407-802-1060 or send an e-mail to meet with an Orlando estate planning lawyers. Our law firm is conveniently located in the Citadel I Building just north of the Orlando International Airport. We are convenient to Lake Nona, Lee Vista, Conway, Moss Park, St. Cloud, Hunter’s Creek, Kissimmee, South Orlando, Conway, UCF, Avalon Park, Union Park, and other Central Florida locations. We are one block off of Semoran Blvd (SR 436). Click Here for directions to our office.


Trusts & Powers of Attorney

At the Law Firm of Conte | Trevett, P.L., we represent clients with trusts and powers of attorney issues in Orlando and Lake Nona, Florida. Our lawyers understand how important it is for our clients to plan for the future and ensure all legal documents reflect their wishes.

Lake Nona Trust Attorney

A trust is an arrangement that involves money owned by one party, but managed by a second party for the benefit of a third party. Trusts are becoming popular vehicles of protection and can be used during a person’s lifetime, in the event of incapacitation and after death.

Through our experienced representation, clients can structure and arrange trusts in many different ways, including:

  • Charitable trusts: Assets can be transferred to a charity.
  • Education trusts: A college fund can be created for grandchildren.
  • Land trusts: Land can be protected from development in perpetuity.
  • Living trusts: The process of probate can be avoided along with any possible disputes and fees.
  • Special needs trusts: A disabled family member or child can receive ongoing financial support.

Orlando Powers of Attorney Law Firm

Another person is given the authority to temporarily or permanently act on your behalf through a power of attorney. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting powers of attorney to withstand challenges from other family members. Powers of attorney are valuable legal tools and we draft several different types, including:

  • Health care powers of attorney: In the instance of incapacitation, other individuals can make health care decisions.
  • Financial powers of attorney: While an individual is away on military assignment or other matters, financial accounts and billing are handled by a spouse or other designated person.
  • Durable powers of attorney: The designation of another individual to handle financial accounts if illness or age causes permanent incapacitation.

Our attorneys use a compassionate, but strong legal approach to help our clients with trusts and powers of attorney. We stand ready to resolve any will, power of attorney or estate planning issue with confidence and ease.